Thursday, January 13, 2005

Outsourcing is good for your career -

Outsourcing is good for your career -

This article reports on research that the majority of staff are more satisfied in their jobs after outsourcing has come into effect. This is a positive comment on the outsourcing issue. However it misses one important point: the people 'left behind' after an outsourcing exercise might need to be re-trained.

It is only by offering added-value that a person protects himself from being 'outsourced'. This is hard (but not impossible) if you work in a call center, but everyone must keep 'upskilling'.

Offshore outsourcing software development really does benefit everyone, particularly customers and this in turn drives down costs and those lower costs filter back into the economy. It worked in steel making, textiles, electronics and it will work in the manufacture of software.

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