Thursday, January 06, 2005

How it began

On my first trip to Romania (to assist on projects with orphans) I fell in love with the country. Perhaps it was the wonderful climate, or maybe the (mostly) friendly and generous people - who knows. Anyway I returned there several times and always enjoyed myself.

I decided that I wanted to have a good reason to stay working with Romania. I did some research into the IT industry in Romania and discovered that the IT guys there are very talented, hard working and well motivated. Also, the salaries are a lot lower than in the UK. So I decided to set up a software development company in Timisoara in western Romania.

It took a couple of years of hard work to get the software development team working well. For the first two years the business was run on a part-time basis. Now it is a full time activity for me. I formed Redland Software. 'Redland' has nothing to with Romania being a former Communist country (as in 'red' 'land') but is in fact the name of a nice district of my home town of Bristol.

More to come ...

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